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Writing about a topic in an interesting way is more important than writing about an interesting topic. Therefore, writing about an interesting topic in an innovative way is the icing on the cake. A proper style and grammar should be used for the academic essays and the student should have proper knowledge about the topic. He/she should also write his own perspective on the areas related to the topic.

There are three sections that an essay includes:

  • Introduction Paragraph
  • Body Paragraphs
  • Conclusion Paragraph

In an introductory paragraph, you have an opportunity to give readers a reason to read the whole essay. Therefore, you must not confuse the reader in the introductory paragraph by providing too much vague information. Avoid passive voice completely. Write specific things about the topic that will be explained further in the body paragraphs.

Body paragraphs contain the explanation of the terms specified in the introduction paragraph. There can be many body paragraphs but 2 to 3 are enough to be included in the essay. All the body paragraphs must be linked to each other. There must be proper in-text and references for the statements and data that has been taken from the internet.

In the conclusion paragraph, you have to restate the thesis and summarize the body paragraphs. Avoid repetition of same words you used in the whole paragraph. You can use keywords in different sentences but there should not be too many keywords used in the essay. A student should conclude by including his/her opinion about the topic and related results.

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